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Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions, and guess what? We've got the answers!

Q. What is scambaiting?

A. Scambaiting is baiting scammers (as the name suggests). You know those numbers that show on those websites that claim your PC is infected with some fake nonsense? Scambaiting is calling them up, pretending to fall for the scam and calling the scammer out at the end of the process!

Q. Where can I find numbers?

A. Head over to the numbers website, log in and you'll find them all there! You can also post numbers here. The numbers will auto-magically be posted into the #scammers_numbers channel.

Q. What's with all this V and W switching business?

A. It's just a meme. Scammers usually switch their Vs and Ws when they speak.

Q. Who owns the server?

A. The primary server owner is Lewis's Tech, but SSL is owned by four people; AtotheK (or Amy), HighTek, XeliteXirish (or Shaun, because what kind of name is XeliteXirish?) and Lewis.

Q. I was banned/kicked/striked unfairly and/or want a second chance!

A. No worries! Head over the appeals section of the forums and have a read of that!

Q. How do I apply for staff?

A. You can apply here! Please note: We aren't always accepting staff! When you apply, we will review your app and you'll be considered when we need more staff.

Q. My question wasn't answered here!

A. Jump on over to the #ask_staff channel and ask us your question! We'll be happy to answer it.