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wikiHow to not get banned


Here's some simple rules that you should follow that should help you stay unbanned and having a great time! If you have any questions, please do ask away in our #ask_staff channel, or DM a staff member!

1. Discrimination

Please do not discriminate against your fellow members or the team. Someone is gay? So what. Someone is Muslim? Who fucking cares. You get the idea. Don’t be an asshole. Don’t throw racial slurs around. You sound like a tool. Swearing and profanity is allowed. To your little heart's content.

2. Questions for staff

If you have a question, come ask one of the staff in #ask_staff (or check out the FAQ page) - we are here to help! No need to use the mention, we check it regularly!

3. Spamming

If you have an affinity for spam, there’s no point. Our bot detects your messages and immediately removes you from main chat, into #madarchod_land where you’ll be laughed at by all the staff for your stupidity.

4. DDoSing/Illegal Activity

Mentioning DDOS’ing is fine, as long as the context is conversational and harmless, threatening DDOS or admitting it against a member is a banning offence, same goes for asking someone to help/carry out a DDOS). Porn, rats, any pirated programs in main channels are also banned but are available through DM/PM, but do this at your own risk. REMEMBER: your IP can be grabbed from some of these platforms, so we recommend taking protective measures before engaging with other members when sharing any of these programs/links - we are not responsible for anything happening outside the server, USE YOUR COMMON SENSE.

5. Drama

We don't like drama, but if you need to talk about it, don't let it hijack the chat. If it's really juicy, PM someone and get it off your chest.

6. Malicious links

We are not responsible for any loss of content/data/damage that may occur from clicking a link of another user. Please use common sense. In the same view, please don't post links that are harmful/malicious, you will be banned. Do not post real/legit IP's. PLEASE NOTE; grabify links can be hidden, so before clicking an image or link, use a VPN if you are worried about someone obtaining your IP.

7. Scammer numbers

To post scammer numbers, head to the #scammer_numbers channel. When posting in scammer numbers, werify the number first. DO NOT POST REAL FBI/CIA/IRS OR ANY OTHER LEGIT AGENCY NUMBERS! This also applies to personal numbers of a user or person you know, without their permission.

8. Nicknames

Please ensure your nickname/username only contains characters from the 26 letters of the English Language, and/or numbers if you wish, and in standard discord font. If you want to add emoji’s/special characters, please do so at the end of your name. This is so we can contact you easily.

9. Punishments

Punishments are in the form of strikes, kicks and bans. What warrants any of these, depends on the staff member and is at their discretion. So. Y'know, probably better to just not attempt any fuckery.