SSL Community

Our amazing staff team


Keeping the ball rolling!

Lewis @Lewis's Tech#0019

Hi madarchods it's Levis here. I am the serwer ovner at SSL and I TRY to keep it running smoothly.

Amy @AtotheK#5662

SSL O.G. ACTUALLY keeps it running smoothly (with help). Counsellor. Mother of 10,000 brats and counting. Roastmaster. Life coach. Don’t cut the red wire. Nobody ever won that battle.

HighTek @HighTek#2259

Hmmm... vanished... poof... Just like a fart on a windy day.

Jacob @Kelwing#0001

Auttaja bot maintainer, voice of reason, Kai's Soulmate

Shaun @XeliteXirish#4468

I help manage parts of SSL and I do programming stuffs and stick them on my website.


The behind-the-scenes guys

Arturo @Arturo#0001 Administrator
Vill correct each and eweryone

Gilbert @GG142#1420 Administrator
You won't see me, but you can see my work! I develop multiple SSL applications and contribute heavily to it's structure and policy.

Vlad @King - Vlad#8339 Manager
Helps with GAB development

Lewis @Tornado#0001 Manager
Fuck. Erm...


The front line of defense

Daniel Gray @Daniel | Supervisor
Hey there! I'm the best supervisor over at SSL and I love to make things. If you want me or to want to see my work hit me up on discord or my website

Nikolas @Lienus#1337 Supervisor
Oh mah lawd, I tried to think of something original but I am too rushed to do so. Deal with it.

Tom @Noodles#1939 Supervisor
Super spekel noodle man!

Luca @Codfish246#6667 Moderator
Hey I’m Codfish, new moderator here at SSL, hope to see ye around xd

Daniel Georgiou @Daniel Georgiou#0001 Moderator
Just make up something random idk lol

Krer Grimpaw @Krer Grimpaw#5387 Moderator
If it's not broken, it may soon be!

Winsposure @samsungrocks10#0001 Moderator
Don't forget me

Adam @Cringy Adam#4611 Junior Moderator
I may not be the smartest or the prettiest or the strongest or the.. shit I forgot where I was going with that..

JJ @Jj The Husky#9999 Junior Moderator
The best junior moderator out there!

RcCarRacer @RcCarRacer#0687 Junior Moderator
heck i'm completely brain dead